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Rosean I - 1 Bedroom Inner Unit - Westgate Highland Subdivision

Catalog No. LCH-4 (Rosean Inner)

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The perspective of the Westgate Highland Phase 3 entrance gate. Civil works of this new gated residential community began last year, and the developer is now constructing the road networks. Lumbia in Cagayan de Oro is an emerging destination for residential development, flood free and good road accessibility.

Catalog No. LCH-4 (Rosean Inner)

ROSEAN INNER - Inner unit in a row house. One (1) storey one (1) bedrooms residential house with a 30 sq. mtr. floor area, on a 50 sq. mtr. lot

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Contract Price:     Php 450,000.00

The units are bare on the inside with fully-pre-painted and finished exterior portions upon turn-over to the owners/buyers.

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Rosean I - 1 Bedroom Inner Unit - Westgate Highland Subdivision

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