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Tuscania Cagayan de Oro

Catalog No. TCDO-0

HLURB LTS No. : 18492

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Tuscania Clubhouse and Swimming Pool

“Come home to a place where serenity meets comfort. Where the pleasures of a gentle Italian neighborhood are echoed in the glow of street lamps, terra cotta hues, the warmth of a nurturing sun. Come home to Tuscania, Cagayan de Oro´s new heaven for urban singles and families alike. Our gorgeous Italian theme takes you to a world of blissful luxury as our well-appointed elegant homes assure you much-needed convenience and a lifetime of security. Each of our elegant model homes features a blend of pleasing design and contemporary amenities. Visit Tuscania now and be a part of a splendid new community, where the joys of city living meet with the joys of a charmed life."

LOCATION : St Ignatius St, Cagayan de Oro, 9000 Misamis Oriental


Amalfi : Php 2,219,022.71 to Php 2,486,732.86
Capri : Php 2,601,420.00 to Php 2,673,310.00
Genova : Php 2,996,395.98 to Php 3,741,495.82
Verona I : Php 4,638,350.51 to Php 4,788,802.22
Verona II : Php 4,259,565.02 to Php 4,513,482.80
Treviso : Php 4,492,142.45 to Php 4,588,762.61
Special Design : Php 2,481,261 to Php 7,154,727.20
New Design : Php 3,920,252.32 - minimum

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  • Long span pre-painted roof sheets
  • Full 3 coats painting on all surfaces
  • Solid wood door on the main entrance
  • Steel casement windows
  • Steel roof framing system
  • Solid concrete on all exterior walls
  • Interior
  • Full 2 coats on all surfaces
  • Full ceiling on all areas with baseboards on the walls
  • High quality locks and hinges on all doors
  • Wood railings on stairs
  • Kitchen counter with cabinets, sinks and faucets
  • Elegant European-style tiles on floorings
  • Floor and wall tiles on all bathrooms with fixtures
  • Electrical switches and outlets provided

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    Amalfi Capri Genova
    Verona I Verona II
    Treviso Special Design
    New Design

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    Tuscania Cagayan de Oro

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