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Agricultural Lot, Raw Land, Farm Lots for Sale

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                      Agricultural Farm Lots

RWL-300                                   Agricultural Lot & Poultry Farm for Sale - Initao, Misamis Oriental
Click for More Images An agricultural lot and poultry farm with a total land area of 59,985 square meters with two poultry buildings that supply chicken to Gama Foods for a capacity of 36,000 heads (big chickens) per batch. It has a farm managerís hut and accomodates workers, with kitchen, dining and area for watching televison. It has an office, a large water tank with electric submersible water pump.

Location:    Bo. Canitoan, Initao, Misamis Oriental - 3 & 1/2 km from the national highway,

Selling Price:     Php 12,000,000.00

NOTE: In addition to the sale, is a 5,884 sq. meter lot adjacent to the property supported only by a tax declaration under the name of the same seller, for free!

ADDITIONAL OPTION: The buyer can also buy a clean-titled lot with an area of 49,163 sq. meter, also adjacent to the lot for the price of only P 6,000,000.00 provided he will buy both lots.

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P 12,000,000.00     Email:     nuevo@cagayandeororealestate.ph
     Cellphone: +63-916-4931988   &   +63-933-4869778

RWL-301                                   Agricultural Lot or Raw Land for Sale - Barangay Barra, Opol, Misamis Oriental
Click for More Images An agricultural lot or raw land with a total land area of 7,849 square meters with more or less 50 coconut trees, very near the diversion road.

Location:    Brgy. Barra, Opol, Misamis Oriental,

Selling Price:    Php 1,900.00 per sq. m.     

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P 14,913,100.00     Email:     nuevo@cagayandeororealestate.ph
     Cellphone: +63-916-4931988   &   +63-933-4869778

RWL-110                                   Agricultural / Residential for Sale - El Salvador City
Agricultural, Residential lot images & details A parcel of raw land with lot area of 12,425 sq. meters more or less. It is a prime property in El Salvador City, that was newly chartered due to its high revenue generation brought about by the new industrial companies such as Asean Brewery, Tanduay Distillers, Inc., Universal Robina, Zesto Corporation, WL Foods, & Virgin Cola softdrinks maker.

Location:    Along the Highway, Barrio Taytay, El Salvador City.

Selling Price:    Php 3,000.00 per sq. meter     

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P 3,000.00 per sq. m.     Email:     nuevo@cagayandeororealestate.ph
     Cellphone: +63-916-4931988   &   +63-933-4869778

Agricultural Farm Lots

RWL-109                                   Farm Lot for Sale - CDO City
Farm lot images & details A 10 hectares lot area classified as farm lot.

Location:    Balubal, Cagayan de Oro City, adjacent to Teakwood Hills Subdivision and overlooking Macajalar Bay, about 4 kilometers away from the national highway.

Selling Price:    
Php 800.00 per sq. meter - NET


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800.00/sq.m. NET     Email:     nuevo@cagayandeororealestate.ph
     Cellphone: +63-916-4931988   &   +63-933-4869778

RWL-111                                   Raw land / Agricultural Farm Lot for Sale - CDO City
Raw land, agricultural lot images & details A two (2) hectares raw land classified as agricultural land

Location:    Upper Palalan, Lumbia, Cagayan de Oro City. This is located around the vicinity of future housing developments and more or less 15 minutes drive to Pueblo de Oro Township where SM CDO City is also located.

Selling Price:    
To be Updated - Visit this property again next week


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To be updated     Email:     nuevo@cagayandeororealestate.ph
     Cellphone: +63-916-4931988   &   +63-933-4869778

RWL-104                                   Agricultural Lot for Sale - Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon
Agricultural lot images & details A 3.3 hectares, 2 titles Agricutural Lot with 225 fruit bearing sweet mango trees

Location:    San Isidro, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon

Selling Price:    
Php 200.00 per sq. meter     

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P 6,600,000.00     Email:     nuevo@cagayandeororealestate.ph
     Cellphone: +63-916-4931988   &   +63-933-4869778

RWL-106                                   Farm Lot for Sale - Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon
Farm lot images & details A 55,000 sq. meter farm lot with access road via Pineapple Country Homes Subdivision less than 1 kilometer from the highway besides Bukidnon Provincial Hospital and accross the hole no. 1 of Del Monte Golf Course and Country Club

Location:    San Miguel,Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon

Selling Price:    
Php 200.00 per sq. meter     

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P11,000,000.00     Email:     nuevo@cagayandeororealestate.ph
     Cellphone: +63-916-4931988   &   +63-933-4869778

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Agricultural Lot, Raw Land & Farm Lots for Sale in Cagayan de Oro City

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