I value your privacy.

While I collect information on this site, I shall provide you the best privacy that you deserve. Below is a detailed explanation about my online practices and the way your information shall be collected and used.

Privacy policy

Collecting Information

On my “Contact” page and in the inquiry forms in various pages of this site, you may make inquiries or raise questions regarding one or more property listing/s where I required the following information from you:


E-mail address

Home Address

The Property That You are Interested In

Your Message or Inquiry


Using These Information

I use the information you gave about yourself when requesting proposals or quotations from the developer of the property you are inquiring about, such as subdivision houses and lots as well as condominium units. For non-subdivision lots or properties, while I reply to your inquiries, I keep your information within my file for present and future use. I do not share the information you gave with outside parties except when deemed necessary to complete documentations when the time come that you are ready to make a purchase. I do not use a third party service provider for the purpose of collecting money from you. I advise that you make all monetary payment such as reservation fee for subdivision lot and condominium unit purchase by yourself or by your representative directly to the seller or developer only. In cases of private properties, I highly advised that you pay directly to the owner or seller of the property that you are buying. I use the information you gave about someone else, in cases of referrals, the way I use the information about yourself that you gave to me. The information you gave to me to process your purchase of a property shall only be used for that sole purpose, and it is only disclosed to the person in charge in connection to the sale of a particular property. I use the return e-mail address to reply to the inquiry I have received from you. Such e-mail address will never be used for any other purpose and will never be disclosed to outside parties. I also used your e-mail address to inform you of new property listings, updates and sales promotions that may be offered from time to time. Finally, I never use or disclose the personally identifiable information given to me online in ways unrelated to the ones stated above without requesting permission from you.


Data Security

To avoid unauthorized access, maintain accuracy of data, and ensure the proper use of information, I have put in place physical, managerial, and appropriate safeguard procedures to secure the information I have collected online.


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While I take necessary precaution in using the information you gave me, I would like to clearly disclose that third parties may be placing and reading cookies on your browser, or using web beacons to collect information, in the course of your accessing the ads being served on this website.



I allow third-party companies, including AddThis, to collect certain anonymous information when you visit my website. These companies may use non-personally identifiable information during your visits to this and other websites in order to provide advertisements about goods and services likely to be of greater interest to you. These companies typically use a cookie or a third party web beacon to collect this information. End Users located in the European Union, can visit http://www.youronlinechoices.eu, to learn more about this behavioral advertising practice.

Options For Cookie Management

How to disable cookies on Google Chrome Browser

1. Go to 'Tools Menu'.

2. Click on 'Settings'.

3. Scroll down and click 'Show Advance Settings' below.

4. Under 'Privacy' click 'Content Settings'.

5. Under 'Cookies', click 'Block third paty cookies and site data.

6. Then, click 'Done'.

How to disable cookies on Firefox Browser

1. Open the Tools menu.

2. Select Options.

3. Select the Privacy tab.

4. Under 'Tracking", click 'Tell sites that I don't want to be tracked'.

How to disable cookies on Opera Browser

1. Click the Opera logo on left-upper-corner of the browser.

2. Click 'Settings'.

3. Then click 'Privacy & security'.

4. Under 'Cookies', click 'Block third paty cookies and site data.

How to disable cookies on Microsoft Edge Browser (Win10)

1. Open the Tools menu.

2. Click Settings'.

3. Click 'View Advance Settings.

4. Turn on 'Send Do Not Track request'.

The above list covers latest versions of some major web browsers as of this posting. If today, you are using a more recent version of your web browser or if it is not in the list above and you wish to know how to disable cookies, you may refer to your web browsers' settings options.



If you have any other questions or concerns about the privacy policy herein stipulated, please feel free to contact me.