"Real estate services that build a tradition of trust."

In rendering services as a real estate broker, I practice "personal touch" in all procedures. I conduct and render all services personally. For me, real estate service is a process of building a tradition of trust between me and my clients; likewise, between my selling and buying clients.

It is necessary for a selling property owner to know the procedures in selling a real estate property; the expenses to be incurred including taxes to be paid to various government agencies and the professional fee of the licensed broker. An Agreement Contract to broker a property plays an important factor in the conduct of the sale. Once the selling client is amenable to the terms and conditions in selling his or her property, an agency agreement or contract shall be prepared and signed.






When the selling agreement is in place, preparation of all advertisements, online presentations and marketing templates immediately follows. Accompanying prospective client for house or site viewing, among others is one of the most exciting part in selling a property. This is the time the challenges begin. When the sale is sealed, I immediately prepare the Deed of Absolute Sale; had it signed by the parties; then help to facilitate payment by the buyer to the seller.


Transferring the property from the seller to the buyer's name is the most essential part of my services and that includes the following tasks:
• Updating real estate property taxes • Collecting necessary documents for the application of the Certificate Authorizing Registration (CAR) • Facilitate payment of the Capital Gain Tax and Documentary Stamp Tax to the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR - release of the CAR is usually after 15 working days) • When the CAR is released - facilitate payment and secure official receipt for the transfer of Tax Declaration from the previous owner's name to the buyer's name at the City Assessors' Office






Transfer Certificate of Title
From the City Assessor's Office, the final procedure is to facilitate the transfer of the Transfer Certificate of Title (TCT) from the previous owner's name to the name of the buyer in the Registry of Deeds (the new title is usually released not earlier than 2 months). When the new title (TCT) is released, present the new title to the City Assessors' Office for final issuance of the Tax Declaration under the name of the new owner. And finally, I deliver the new documents to the new owner of the property.

Other services I offer:

• Process application and/or cancellation of real estate mortgage concerning real estate properties under a mortgage;

• Help in property appraisal by referring to accredited Licensed Real Estate Appraiser;

• Assist in architectural design of client's house, building or other property improvement;

• Aide in Property or Relocation Survey by referring to accredited Licensed Property Surveyors and Engineers;

• Work on Application for Bank Housing Loan; and

• Securing Mortgage Redemption Insurance and Fire Insurance, in connection with property purchases via Bank Housing Loans.

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